This provides an API for opa.phila.gov by fetching their data on request, scraping it and providing it in a software-friendly format such as JSON, XML, PHP or Text.
In addition, it scrapes the tax balances for the property from the Department of Revenue web site.
Note that this is a live API and pulls directly from the OPA/Revenue web sites. Therefore it may not be the same data as phillyaddress.com, as phillyaddress.com is static.

Click here to see an example

  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/address/3222+richmond+st
  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/block/3200/richmond+st
  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/intersection/richmond+st/allegheny+ave
  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/account/882665100
  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/owner/wawa+inc

    Valid Formats: json, xml, php, txt
    The default format is JSON. To specify another format, include it in the action with a period in front.
    To specify a callback function, include it as its own parameter, as shown below.
  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/address.json/3222+richmond+st/callback=function_name
  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/block.xml/3200/richmond+st
  • http://api.phillyaddress.com/intersection.txt/richmond+st/allegheny+ave

    Created by Tim Wisniewski